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Foxxpopping Snacktivists

Are you a foodie on a mission? A dreamer looking for your lip-smacking cause? Then foxxpop is for you. We’re social foodprenuers on a mission to invigorate and revitalize snacktivists everywhere with our protein-packed, antioxidant-rich, and allergen-free popped lotus or water lily seeds.

Roasting mainstream commercialism one lotus seed at a time, our snacks are made for rebels like you; by divas like us. So let’s pop to revolutionary flavors, wholesome nutrition, and guilt-free snacking.


annie & nikki

makhana plate.jpeg

Hand Crafted in Chicago

Natural Ingredients

You can count on your hand

A nutrition Powerhouse

Made with the best natural ingredients, our roasted lotus pops are packed with nutrients that are bound to bring you balance, wellness, vitality, and foxxpoppin’ flavors!

5g Plant Protein Gluten Free

Antioxidants Nut Free

Amino Acids Corn Free

Paleo Grain Free

Vegan* Soy Free

Non-GMO Preservative Free